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Downtown Olympia Artesian Commons Park

Olympia opened an asphalt park downtown where the artesian fountain is in 2014. This is a 1/5 of an acre park that generated as much garbage as a well-used 30 acre park - or 150 times the normal amount. In less than 4 years the Artesian Commons had to be closed, because from 2014-2018 it had:

1400 calls seeking police response

70 assaults or crimes against people

154 calls for arguments or disorderly disturbances

51 people trespassed from the property

It became internationally famous due to brawls between street people caught on camera. We were once famous for our beer, our music, being a state capital, and being America's most livable city. Now we are famous for our homeless street fights, massive encampments, and violent anarchist riots. We can do better.


Now that the Artesian Commons Park sits closed, I regard it as a barometer on progress in downtown Olympia.  The day that park is open, with families and kids using a downtown urban park and playground safely and peacefully, we will have done our job. Maybe senior citizens will sit and feed the pigeons or play chess. There will be no drug trafficking, no fighting, and no one will feel unsafe enjoying our community. Until this comes to pass, we know we still have work to do.

Ross For Olympia
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