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Why Olympia Is Not Fixing Homelessness

The City of Olympia has delayed real action on homelessness for years. They finally hired a Homeless Response Coordinator in May of 2018 because a west Olympia church put up $300,000 to pay for it for the first several years. He left in frustration soon thereafter when Olympia balked at his recommendations.

Stay tuned for an interesting analysis of what works and what doesn't work, why we can't handle 4 more years of what doesn't, and why NPR and The Seattle Times chose Olympia for their award-winning podcast on homelessness. They apparently wanted to see a city struggling "in real time" with issues that larger cities like Seattle had already succumbed to. Interestingly enough, Olympia has chosen the same proven-to-fail policies that failed in these larger cities. That is the definition of insanity.

Ross For Olympia
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